Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science & Engineering Fair

Welcome to the TRFSEF! Meet Your VIRTUAL Science and Engineering Fair...

First, thank you to every student, teacher, parent, judge, mentor and committee member who made it possible to host a 2020 VIRTUAL fair. What determination and dedication you demonstrated!

Now we can look forward to 2021! STUDENTS, you can begin your 2021 project now.

Download the TRFSEF Fair Guide with a checklist for completing your project. Then head over to for ideas. Be sure to track your safety paperwork so you are ready to register in the fall.

Remember: "All students" means just that - public, private, charter, parochial and home schooled!

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SYSTEM if you couldn't participate. We want to invite you to virtual events between now and the 2021 TRFSEF.

What were the results of judging?

The judges were delighted to consider such outstanding projects for Honors and Special Awards. You can find the results on the TerraFairs page at


The Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science & Engineering Fair would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their tireless support.
With their commitment, students have an opportunity to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge projects,
and compete annually for awards and scholarships.

Additional Sponsors

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science & Engineering Fair
please contact Terra Science and Education for more information.

For technical questions and support, please contact your event administrator