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Meet Your Science and Engineering Fair...

Whether you want to explore Cassini’s adventures around Saturn, rate shampoos, test water quality in a local creek, or design an app to prep for your next exam, the Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science & Engineering Fair (TRFSEF) enables you to ASK YOUR OWN QUESTIONS AND FIND YOUR OWN ANSWERS! Every student in grades 5-12 in our territory can come to the Rochester Museum of Science in March to celebrate all s/he has learned in the process, and perhaps even earn an award.

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Please use the top menu to register as a student, a judge or a volunteer.

Students, start your project as soon as possible, and download the Fair Guide with a checklist for completing your project and the registration process, so you can join the fun at TRFSEF in March!

Follow our BLOG so you can get updates about special fair events such as local Science Fair Parties where we give away posters, announcements about Special Visitors to our fair, and even chances to score free experimental equipment for your school, club or cooperative! Remember: "All students" means just that - public, private, charter, parochial and home schooled!


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